FROM POINT-AND-SHOOT TO PROFESSIONALWith Renee Grinnell CapozzolaExplore Renee’s journey in underwater photography, including stories of the shots and valuable tips on photo techniques! She will share how she got started, what ... Read More
BEHIND THE SCENES WITH CHANGING SEAS:THE MAKING OF A MARINE SCIENCE TV SERIESWith Alexa ElliottEver wonder how the ocean documentaries you watch on TV are made? South Florida PBS’ Changing Seas ... Read More
September 13,
BEYOND JAWS: AN EXPOSE' ON SHARKS, APEX PREDATORS AND LARGE OCEANLIFEWith Teresa GuiseThe presentation will be a wide-angle view of my ocean journey as an underwater photographer wannabe and will feature ... Read More
PUTTING THE ART IN ARTIFICIAL REEFS - OCEAN RESCUE ALLIANCE AND YOU!With Shelby ThomasArtistically Crafted Artificial Reefs – The why behind the projects, the design of the modules, the environmental impacts, ... Read More
SHARK WORLDWith Cristina ZenatoSharks have been present in our cultures for thousands of year and yet we still know so very little about them. Cristina has spent a lifetime diving with ... Read More
DIVING THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST - THE HIDDEN BEAUTYWith Laura TeslerI will be starting in British Columbia and working down towards the California border. I will describe some of my favorite dive ... Read More
PRO TIPS & TRICKS FOR ANY DEVICE(HINTS FOR STILLS AND VIDEO)With Nancy McGeeLearn tips to get great video just like the pros, regardless of the device! Nancy will explain simple techniques ... Read More
HOW WE UTILIZE CAMERAS/LIGHTING ON SUBSEA SYSTEMSWith Liz TaylorLiz will share some of the solutions they developed for taking cinema and other specialized cameras to depth. ... Read More
SEEKING CREATIVITYTHINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX TO CREATE UNIQUE IMAGESWith Susannah H. Snowden-Smith Susannah H. Snowden-Smith is an award-winning underwater photographer. Her work has ... Read More
February 12,
STORIES BEHIND THE SHOTWith Becky Kagan SchottThere is always a story behind an image weather it’s a behind the scenes story to an amazing wildlife interaction. Becky specializes in capturing images ... Read More
January 18,