I am 37 years old and from California. For over 14 years I worked in Law Enforcement. During that time, I began to realize more and more that life is short and you should live life to the fullest. I began SCUBA diving in late 2010 and soon began to travel for the first time in my life. This opened my eyes to another world, underwater. What an amazing and freeing experience, all my stresses and concerns with work and life seemed to fade away. I soon began taking underwater photographs to capture the moments and share with family and friends. While on vacation in Pompano Beach Florida in May 2012 I took an underwater photography lesson and fell in love. I bought a new system and began taking pictures as much as I could.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the tropical waters and the general happiness I felt while on vacation. I began to contemplate about quitting my career and moving across the Country to do who knows what. In October 2012, I packed up my car, a tow behind trailer and traveled 3500 miles away from my family and friends in California. I had grown up, lived and worked in the same area since I was 9 years old. This you could say is the first time I moved away from home.

Since coming to Florida, I became certified as a Dive master and currently work at the dive shop where I took my first lesson. While this comes nothing close to what I was earning in law enforcement, I am loving my life. I primarily work on the boat, get to dive and take pictures whenever I am off and the sea conditions allow. I take Macro pictures using a Sony NEX 5n in a Nauticam housing and am looking forward to expanding into wide angle.