APRIL 11TH 2023, 6.45PM: IN-PERSON MEETING ONLYWITH MARTY GILMAN - LIGHT, LINES, LIGHTROOM Marty’s talk will describe how light, lines, and Lightroom are all intertwined. We photograph not our subject, but the light reflected from our subject. Light is altered as it passes through water, diminishing contrast and colors. Using ... Read More
February 19, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
2023 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR GRAND PRIZE We are excited to announce that thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, CoCo View Resort, we are able to award our 2023 Photographer of the Year with a seven-night dive trip to the world-renowned CoCo View Resort in Roatan. The ... Read More
January 6, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
2023 MASTERS CONTEST GRAND PRIZEWe could not be more excited and grateful to our sponsors, All Star Liveaboards, to announce that the winner of the 2023 Masters contest will receive a phenomenal prize – a week-long trip aboard their new luxury liveaboard, Scuba Scene, valued at $1,800 to $2,200 based ... Read More
March 15, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
2023 VIDEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR GRAND PRIZEOur incredible new sponsor, All Star Liveaboards, has made it possible to award our Videographer of the Year a fantastic prize this year – a week-long trip on a Blackbeard’s Cruise in the Bahamas. The winner will receive a trip valued at $1,075 on ... Read More
March 10, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
  SFUPS sponsor Force-E is making the following special offer to SFUPS members: • Two free Air fills • Two free Nitrox fills • $10 off in-store purchase • All the above offers must be used by December 31st, 2023 In addition, if you are not already part of the Force-E Rewards Program you will be ... Read More
January 28, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
UNLIMITED USE CHARTER DISCOUNTS SFUPS members receive a $10 discount off of dive charters booked with Pura Vida Divers. There is no limit to the amount of charters you can book throughout the year with your SFUPS member discount applied. Discounts are applicable to daily recreational dive charters, ... Read More
February 7,
MEMBERS MENTORING MEMBERS3M: Members Mentoring Members – The program is simple. Members who are skilled or experienced at a particular underwater photography/videography technique, are encouraged to mentor someone looking to learn. Mentor-to-member meetings will be informal via phone, zoom, or in-person and last 30 to 45 minutes. ... Read More
February 1,
Now Available! Show your love for underwater imaging by representing SFUPS in one of our NEW logo T shirts! The new SFUPS online store has a variety of apparel and accessories for every style and size of diver. Caution: wearing of SFUPS apparel may subject the wearer to unsolicited sealife pictures. ... Read More
February 1,
Our sponsor SHINY PRINTS is offering all club members a generous discount on their luxury high-definition metal prints. Visit their website, to learn more. Then log in below to see the SFUPS member only discount and instruction.    
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