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December 5,
UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY AT WAKATOBI DIVE RESORTJoin guest experience representative MICHELLE WINKEL for a look at Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Michelle will take us on a photo tour of the resort, share highlights of the premier dive sites and discuss group trip opportunities. Located on a small ... Read More
October 21,
"GO WIDE"A WIDE ANGLE PHOTO PRESENTATION BY CRAIG DIETRICHJoin us at the October 11th meeting for a presentation by Jupiter, FL based underwater photographer Craig Dietrich will cover all the tools needed to step up your wide angle photography. Craig will cover his affinity for wide angle photography and ... Read More
Geri Murphy presents: “50 YEARS OF SKIN DIVER MAGAZINE” Join us at the September 13th SFUPS Meeting for what will be an amazing evening with world renowned underwater photojournalist, Geri Murphy! Geri Murphy is the world’s most published female underwater photojournalist with an impressive record ... Read More
GOLIATH GROUPER season is here!! SFUPS has scheduled three days of Goliath Grouper Dives with our September guest speaker, Geri Murphy. Geri is the world’s most published female underwater photojournalist. This is your opportunity to dive with her! Check out her website at: The dives are scheduled for: ... Read More
COLORS OF THE SEAby South Florida Underwater Photography SocietyOpening Party September 17th, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pmThe underwater world is a fascinating place, and we invite you to dive in and experience all the colors of the sea in this amazing gallery showcasing images produced by the South Florida Underwater ... Read More
SFUPS PHOTOGRAPHERS STOLE THE SHOW!Four members earned tremendous recognition in having their work voted as winners in the Blue Wild photo contest. Judges scored images and videos in a blind evaluation process without knowledge of the photographers and videographers behind their submissions. Please join us in congratulating these ... Read More
Videographic Quantification of Massive Seasonal Shark Aggregations in Southeast Florida by DR. STEPHEN KAJIURA & SHARI TELLMAN Dr Stephen Kajiura is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. His area of expertise is the sensory biology of sharks and ... Read More
Announcing the SFUPS Gallery Exhibit “COLORS OF THE SEA” Broward County Library, August 3rd through September 30th, 2016 For members who would like to display their images at the Broward County Library Exhibit, here is the information about this process. The Title of this Gallery is “Colors of the Sea” We have 5 image categories ... Read More
“DOVE THE RED SEA . . . FOUND OUT IT WAS BLUE”A Red Sea Trip Report by Tony Barros The Red Sea has captivated the imagination and memories of divers for many decades. Our fellow SFUPS photographer, Tony Barros, recently returned from an exploration combining visits to ... Read More
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  We are pleased to announce the addition of quite a few Featured Presentation videos to the members-only section of our web site. Expertly edited by our audiovisual specialist Jim Mears, these videos contain a wealth of knowledge generously provided by top professionals in the industry as well as our own ... Read More
Congratulations WALT STEARNS! SFUPS celebrated the holidays at our December party, family style. It was a great commitment to the friendships we’ve developed over the years along with new opportunities to socialize with friends we don’t regularly see. The greatest joy we had to share is ... Read More
December 13,
“Ocean Geographic – an introduction to our magazine, books, films, and expeditions “ If you were a fan of National Geographic and the every now and again oceanic adventure story, then you will love Ocean Geographic. Ocean Geographic is a magazine dedicated to rich stories, research, and oceanic conservation ... Read More
"SEA & NIGHTSKY PHOTOGRAPHY: CONTRASTING PHOTO HOBBIES" by BILL WILLIAMSMy goal in this upcoming presentation is to contrast the challenges that astronomical imaging presents vs. underwater imaging. As it is in all photography, mastering celestial photography is all about “knowing” the light. And there is a whole lot less of ... Read More
    DR. SALLY BAUER presents "A 4000-year-old journey of man’s quest to explore under the sea"   Dr. Sally Bauer's presentation on April 12th will take you on the 4000-year-old journey of man’s quest to explore under the sea. Ten years ago Sally and her late husband Dr. Joe founded the ... Read More