Growing up on the west coast of Florida, I’ve been so very grateful to experience the beauty of our blue planet first hand. At age ten, my parents managed to save $150 over the course of 5 months, (a feat that was not easy for them at the time), so I would have the opportunity to visit Seacamp in the Florida Keys on a school trip. This $150 changed the course of my life forever, and as a result I fell deeply in love with the ocean…and have worked hard ever since to live and breathe by the tide. I am a photographer, former photo editor for Scuba Diving magazine from 2011-2013, master diver, former registered boy scout (seriously), ocean advocate, and lover of all bodies of water. My work has been featured on Baresports.com, Scuba Diving magazine online and in print, Sport Diver Magazine, Divephotoguide.com, and I have won contests with the Ocean Conservancy, Our World Underwater, and the Cover of the Year Charlie Award for 2012. Currently I am working on a ‘camp and dive’ series, dedicated to Florida’s waterways.

Give me a ring or drop me a line anytime at www.katydancagalli.com