Ray has been diving since 1989. He was first certified by SSI but his current rating is PADI Divemaster. While living in Michigan most diving consisted of local lakes and Great Lakes Shipwrecks as well as a yearly Ice Dive in a local lake and the occasional trip to one of the quarries in Ohio. Not much opportunity for underwater photography. He started taking underwater photos on his first trip on the Blackbeard sailboats with a Canon Aqua Snapy. He was very disappointed with the results. Then he took a Macro course with Cathy Church at Sunset House. He sold the Canon and bought a Nikonos V with an Ikelite AI strobe.

Trips: 4 Blackbeard, 3 Grand Cayman, 1 Little Cayman, 2 Roatan AKR, 1 Saba, 2 Bonaire, 1 Dominica

Other place include: Tortola, BVI (1986 resort course), Dominican Republic, Mexico (around Cancun) , Margarita Island, Venezuela , Nassau Bahamas ,St Thomas USVI, Grand Bahama Island, Catalina Island, CA, Antigia and a Cnote in Mexico. Snorkled in Hawaii with manta rays.

Current Equipment is an Olympus Pen PL-1 in an Olympus Housing with a Sea and Sea YS110a Strobe. Ray and his wife Lynne are members of South Florida Divers, Inc.

Ray retired from a career as a computer programmer and he and his wife currently live in Fort Lauderdale.