Presentation by Barry Kulick

Barry will be examining means of reducing backscatter, and conversely, of utilizing particulate as an essential element in some photographs. The “Sunburst” effect will be covered in depth, along with other instances where suspended particles can be used as creative or documentary aspects of image creation.

He will discuss techniques that are vital for beginning UW photographers, yet are still illuminating to more seasoned shooters.

A long time sport diver, Barry Kulick sold his guitar making business in 1988 and turned his hobby into his current career as a commercial photographer specializing in marine subjects. During the past thirty years he has had the opportunity to travel the world with his cameras to capture images of a wide variety of subjects: ranging in diversity from minute Pygmy Sea Horses to enormous Great White Sharks, from the murky confines of ancient shipwrecks to the vibrant color and ceaseless activity of majestic coral reefs.

Although his major focus is the realm of still photography, Barry’s cinema and video work has been seen in several films, commercials, training videos, and television shows. Hundreds of his still images have appeared throughout the world in books, magazines, advertisements, newspapers, postcards, puzzles, posters, computer software, art galleries, corporate and government publications, and private collections.

Originally from New York City, Barry Kulick now lives in Hollywood, Florida with his few remaining hair follicles and his wife Miriam.