BLACKWATER Creatures, A Guide to Southeast Florida Blackwater Diving. The purpose of BLACKWATER Creatures is to introduce new blackwater divers to the critters they may see on an average dive in southeast Florida – both the more common subjects and a few rare ones. This will help them to recognize the creatures and, therefore, have a better dive experience. BLACKWATER Creatures will also be a useful reference for experienced blackwater divers and photographers to identify and learn more about the subjects. BLACKWATER Creatures contains 170 pages, with over 220 images, in 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch softcover format. The creatures are divided into groups, with descriptions and identifications (where available).

Available at or locally at Pura Vida Divers and Force-E Scuba Centers.


The BHB Companion, is a new 250 page marine photo I.D. book of marine life found at the Blue Heron Bridge. Conveniently sized, spiral bound, with coated pages makes it a handy reference book to take to the Bridge. The beginning has been arranged for beginners by color, spots, dots and striped animals, but is also focused on excellence in underwater photography, with helpful photo tips, and idea shots to help you visualize some of the photo opportunities to get those creative juices churning.

Available direct from the author at , also Force-E, Pura Vida, Stuart Scuba and the new Blue Heron Dive shop.


CARRIBEAN SEA SLUGS A field guide to the opisthobranch mollusk from the tropical northwestern Atlantic, Angel Valdes, Jeff Hamann, David W. Behrens, Anne DuPont

A comprehensive reference to sea slugs from the tropical northwestern Atlantic. The book provides stunning photos and breaks new ground in demonstrating the variation within species. It also provides a great amount of information about the basic biology of opisthobranchs, including food preferences of the highly specialized diet of most nudibranchs and their relatives, their egg masses and defensive mechanisms. First and only guide to the nudibranchs and sea slugs of the Caribbean and Southeast U.S. 310 species are illustrated with multiple color photos Introduction explains where and how to find these beautiful creatures. Over 730 photos, 289 pages, soft cover.

Books can be ordered from: New World Publications – or


The Blue Heron Bridge is an amazing muck dive, one of the best in the world. You just never know what you might see. Whether you are diver, a student, photographer, marine biologist, or simply want to know what’s down there, “Under the Bridge” is an underwater photographic journey of the rare and unusual marine life found there. You will be amazed by the bizarre and beautiful creatures that pass on through the Intra-Coastal Waterway.

The book is available at Force-E Dive Centers, and at


Reef Fish Florida and Caribbean iPhone and iPad App. This scuba/snorkelers’ guide to the most common shallow-water reef fish in Florida and the Caribbean includes 444 gorgeous underwater photos together with extensive notes for each. All content is by an expert in the field: leading marine life author Robert Myers, with photographs by Robert Myers, Patrice Marker and a number of others. This app provides a beautiful and convenient way to look up fish you have seen, or would like to see. It is fast and easy to use.

The iPhone App is available at the iTunes Store.