"DIGITAL ART " by Francisco Sedano

"HOW TO GET THE SHOT" by Ani & Emma from Pura Vida Divers

Award winning photographer, Francisco (Paco) Sedano will open up our April 14th online meeting
with a walk thru of how he creates amazing art from his photos.
If you are keen to know how a regular photo can become a digitized piece of art,
do not miss his webinar about the Fractalius plug-in for Photoshop.


Ani and Emma from Pura Vida Divers will be sharing some of their photos and their story of how they got the shot.

Pacos – Francisco (Paco) Sedano is a PhD student in the Marine Biology Laboratory of the University of Seville (Spain). His research focuses on understanding the impact and ecological processes associated with the introduction of coastal defense structures, with the aim of providing knowledge to develop sustainable coastal infrastructures.

He is also passionate about diving and photography and uses his work and images to raise awareness about marine conservation through his social media (sedano_uwphoto on Instagram / Francisco Sedano on Facebook).

Paco was raised in the subtropical coast of Granada (southern Spain) a location incredibly rich due to upwelling currents. He loves macro photography and he was recently awarded first place in the 2019 Ocean Art contest in the Underwater Art category for his fractalized image of a seahorse.

Ani is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and has been a certified diver since 2001. She shoots with a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Sony RX 100 IV (both in Nauticam housings) and discovered she loved photo and videography when she was 8 years old. Ani currently works at Pura Vida Divers and is one of the crew members for the blackwater dives, which are her favorite dives. When she is not taking photos of everything under the sun, she is earning a Bachelor’s degree in both Anthropology and Accounting at UCF. She has been diving throughout the Caribbean while traveling aboard her sailboat and is now currently refitting her sailboat Sirena to sail the world.

Emma – Emma is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. She works at Pura Vida Divers in the shop, teaching, and as crew on the boat for both day trips and blackwaters. She has been diving throughout Florida and the Caribbean. The Blue Heron Bridge is one of her favorite dive sites. Emma is fairly new to photography and shoots with a Nikon D300 in an Aquatica housing. She is studying marine biology at Florida Atlantic University and hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in the field following her graduation.