By Matt Dee of Shiny Prints

Have you ever had a photograph that you thought looked great on your computer screen and when your printed copy arrived, you were disappointed?
Maybe it was too dark, too bright, the colors were off, or maybe it was even pixelated.

What is the difference between 8-bit and 16 bit … does it make a difference? How many pixels per inch (ppi) do you really need? What color space should you use – does it even matter? Perhaps you are wondering, “How can I calibrate my screen so I will get what I see?”

There are a myriad of factors that go into getting a quality print, and you need to know them before you print your prized photograph so you will get the result you want and expect. Matt Dee, from Shiny Prints, will help you sort through all your questions and help you understand the key elements that go into good photo processing.

MATT DEE has over 15 years experience in the fine art reproduction and photo manipulation industries. He has worked closely with many of the pioneers of the digital photography age and has worked with many of the worlds top photographers and artists. Today, Matt Dee is part owner of Shiny Prints, a high end metal print lab that works mostly with professionals from around the world.