We have a great line up for August meeting. The round tables have been a huge success as it gives each individual an opportunity to get one on one instruction and clear up questions in a more personalized setting.

Suzan Meldonian - POST PROCESSING

How to fix your pix-Tips ‘ Tricks to get most out of Lightroom and Photoshop- how to achieve proper color balance, techniques for removing back scatter in both PSD & LR, purifying your images.

Lureen Ferretti - WIDE ANGLE

Lureen will cover angles, settings and best lenses to improve your wide angle shots.

Megan Griffin - VIDEO

Composition and Technicality within Video Creation (Shot types, subliminal messaging, general rules of composition, White balance, shutter speed vs frame rate & proper exposure)

Phil Rudin - MACRO

Join one of the all-time masters, a professional writer, camera equipment reviewer-Phil is the Guru of macro underwater photography