FADE TO BLACK – Taking Macro to New Depths

For all you macro lovers we’re going to explore a whole new world of macro underwater photography next Saturday evening. Introducing our first ever Black Water Drift Dive hosted by the professionals at Pura Vida Dive Center. Many of you might have heard about these dives off the coast of Hawaii as the adventure is one that only a few groups have tried here in South Florida. The plan is for an exploratory trip to head out to the Gulf Stream on a 1-tank drift dive for a night of creature observation and macro photography. Here are the details:

• Dive Date – Saturday, September 27; 6:30pm arrival for a 7pm departure; sunset will be 7:12pm
• 1-tank trip will take no more than 12 divers; cost will be $59 per diver ($55+tax)
• Dive to no more than 40 feet drifting with the boat, fellow divers, and whatever creatures come to play; Nitrox not necessary as an Air mix is recommended
• Must be an Advanced Open Water diver or have the Night Diver Specialty certification; your best buoyancy skills is a pre-requisite; please bring your certification card
• Must have tank lights or cyalume sticks attached to your tank and perhaps a couple extra for emergency purposes
• A line with a light attached to the bottom will drift with us, and cyalume sticks will be placed along the line to indicate depth or for visual reference
• A professional dive guide will be in the water with us throughout the whole experience

This will be a great opportunity to diversify your macro portfolio with creatures not often photographed. In fact, it’s entirely possible to image some that have not been scientifically described or others with very little anecdotal observation. We expect to do more Black Water Drift Dives often when conditions permit. Our hope will be to capture some great imagery as we bring back to the rest of our members in a future “Show and Tell” experience. In the meantime, PBS showcased Blackwater Drift Diving in a short video to give you an idea what you will experience. View here –

REGISTER & PAY – Sept 27th