Join us the evening of Saturday June 27th for an out of this world dive experience on our sponsor PuraVida Divers Blackwater Charter. This is night drift dive in the open ocean and all participants will need to be Advance certified or night dive certified.

Divers will be expected to bring their own dive lights, safety sausage and tank light. Please note that due to COVID-19 there are very limited seats available and all divers will be expected to wear a FACE MASK when not diving.

This will be a 90 minute one tank dive. Cost is $85.60, tax included. 

Arrive at the dock by 7:00 pm as departure will be promptly at 7:30 pm. Location is Lake Park Marina. Check in is at the boat (Marin). Do not check in at Pura Vida’s store.

TIP: Tip is NOT included.  Please bring cash for tipping the crew.

TANK RENTAL:  If you need to rent a tank, please do so via SFUPS registration.  Please do not contact Pura Vida to rent your tank. Several options are available here.  This is a one tank dive.

LIGHTS:  Divers are required to bring their own PRIMARY and BACKUP dive light and a cyalume or tank light (non-blinking is best). At least two lights are required on the blackwater dives, video light or focus lights do count.

We look forward to enjoying a night of blackwater diving and photography among our club members, see you out there!


Deadline for signing up is June 12th.

Note that these dives are weather dependent and will not go if the ocean is too rough.  If the dive is cancelled due to weather you will receive a full refund.