SFUPS members are active in local and worldwide ocean conservation initiatives. Our work includes community events, lectures, conservation exhibits and photography contests.

Members use their collective experience and photography expertise to make a difference in the world of marine science and conservation. Whether it’s exploring a wreck off the coast of Florida photographing 700 pound critically endangered goliath groupers or collecting data about a pygmy seahorse in the Lembeh Strait, SFUPS members find ways to make important contributions to science and conservation.

Read about some of our conservation partners and join us in protecting the ocean and its inhabitants!


FLORIDA FORAGE FISH INITIATIVE with The PEW Charitable Trusts, Florida Wildlife Federation, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Forage fish such as mullet, sardines, and anchovies, are a critical food resource for popular fish and wildlife, including bottlenose dolphins, snook, gag grouper, and brown pelicans. In this way, forage fish fuel fishing, diving, bird watching, and other outdoor activities that help generate $13.5 billion annually and support more than 146,000 jobs in Florida. Despite their importance to Florida’s environment and economy, forage fish remain vulnerable to overfishing, habitat loss, and declining water quality.”

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iSeahorse is creating an alliance of citizen scientists and conservationists, whose observations will assist scientists globally in assessing seahorse populations and distribution. This work will provide data for global conservation management plans. Seahorse populations are plummeting around the world but data on their numbers and distribution is insufficient therefore countries can’t help protect them because there is not enough information and a baseline was never established. SFUPS members’ sightings and data will help iSeahorse reach their goal. Click here to visit


CORAL REEF CONSERVATION with “Our Florida Reefs”

Our Florida Reefs is a community planning process for conservation of Southeast Florida’s coral reef tract. The project is hosted by Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative (SEFCRI). Designed to increase public involvement in the management of reefs, Our Florida Reefs is an initiative where you can report a marine incident, view Southeast Florida reefs from your mobile device, submit comments to help the planning process and become an advocate for our local coral reefs. Click here to visit


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