SECRET LIFE OF PREDITORS. Another National Geographic Production I had the honor to contribute with my images! Turtle images by Cristian Dimitrius.

HIDDEN COLORS. I invite you all to discover the hidden colors of Fernando de Noronha’s Reef, in Brazil. Blue LEDs cause proteins and minerals to fluoresce brightly while a special yellow filter allow us to see the psychedelic and brilliantly saturated colors and patterns. Enjoy this sneak peak video inside the hidden world of underwater fluorescence. It is a unique view! Shot by Cristian DImitrius in 5k using Red Epic, Canon 100mm Macro lens, Nauticam Housings and Fluo lights. Sponsored by Nauticam USA, Reef Photo & Video, Seasub Artigos Esportivos, CURTLO BR and Scuba Point.

Alert Diver’s Bahamas Underwater Photo Week captured a week in the underwater life of the Bahamas featuring 4 professional underwater photographers and 1 filmmaker who captured images in 10 separate location throughout the Islands. Sponsored by The Out Islands Promotion Board, Grand Bahama Promotion Board, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and the Bahamas Dive Association, the event is featured in Alert Diver in its Fall 2014 edition. Shot and directed by Cristian Dimitrius.

JARDINES DE LA REINA. Diving in Jardines de La Reina, 50 miles south of the mainland Cuba, is like going back on time and see the caribbean 50 years ago! The reef system is absloutely preserved and all inhabitants lives without the presure of human development. Is the last caribbean refuge.

NAMASTE – DIVING IN INDIA. Dive into the exotic India’s underwater world! Floating in splendid isolation in the middle of the Bay of Bengal are the Andaman Islands. The islands are one of the most remote and least visited areas of the world and offer excellent prospects for diving and exploration. I had the opportunity to do one dive with Rajan, the swimming elephant, and 2 regular dives. Not enough dives for sure so this is just a glimpse of what is the diving in India’s Andaman Islands. Enjoy! Shot in 4k using Canon 1DC, Nauticam Housings and Keldan Lights. Images by Cristian Dimitrius.