I have always had a fascination for fresh and salt bodies of water and the creatures found in it. Finally certified for open water diving in 1993, I spent the first 3 years after getting certified just enjoying the reefs, working on my bouyance skills, and having a blast. Once I got to the point in diving where exploring the reefs wasn’t enough I tried to decide if I wanted to get into photography or videography. One day I picked up an old land video camera that my father had and I was totally hooked on videogeraphy. Once I was able to get my first underwater video camera set up I was rarely without it underwater I love capturing the movement, memories, and feelings of places, people and critters and then putting them all together into a format that tells a story for others to enjoy.

My first video camera was a Sony High 8 in a Light and Motion Housing. The lights I used were regular dive lights and the holders were an ingenious invention my Dad came up with. I have now progressed to shooting primarily with a Canon XA10 HD video camera, a Light and Motion Housing and 3 Sola 1200 Video Lights (although I still love that 1st camera and handmade light set up)

The primary focus for my video’s is macro and super macro behavior shots and I use the +5 and +10 subsea diopters to get super close detail. Diving a good part of the time at the Blue Heron Bridge I really enjoy away trips to the Pacific and Caribbean. 

I have recently had the honor of working on several projects with Stan Waterman who has had a huge impact on my life and video productions. A great man with a huge heart and wonderful advise that I listen to very closely. A person could not ask for a more caring or worthy mentor.