Inspiration at its finest- be prepared to be blown away.

As many of you know, Chris Gug’s presentations are not to be missed! You will want to arrive early for the pre-meeting social and to get a good seat.

His two part presentation will include:
1) A discussion on entering your images into photo competitions; what judges look for, and why your images may get eliminated before the judging ever begins.
2) A trip report and slideshow on his recent expedition to New Guinea to the region inside the Misool Protected Area, including it’s beginnings as a former shark-finning camp, and the successes resulting from enforcement of a no-take zone. A selection of photos and videos will be shown.

Regarded as America’s foremost underwater photographer, Gug has been making waves in the art scene for well over a decade. His real name is Christopher Guglielmo, but no one has the time to figure out the proper pronunciation so “Gug” has stuck since grade school. And since grade school, he has spent tens of thousands of hours creating marine life images that awe, inspire and sometimes confuse.

With no formal photography education, Gug felt that total immersion into his subject matter was the only way to master the art, and moved to the Caribbean to live on a boat where he could dive and shoot every day for seven years. After a year back in the USA where he exhibited his portfolio, he again took off, craving more exotic subject matter, and landed in Papua New Guinea, where he again lived on a boat, for two years shooting underwater every day. Gug has now created images in over 40 different countries, been published in numerous magazines, and been displayed in several of the world’s most prestigious museums. The result has been that his art is now being collected across the world, and the value of his limited edition photographs has seen a steady increase, making them a worthy investment for any art collector.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he is now able to serve new clients and long-time collectors alike with 2 fine art galleries dedicated exclusively to his underwater images from around the world. Want to know more? Come meet Gug at the gallery or one of his upcoming exhibits.

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