With Becky Kagan Schott

There is always a story behind an image weather it’s a behind the scenes story to an amazing wildlife interaction.
Becky specializes in capturing images in extreme environments around the world from underwater caves to ghostly shipwrecks and even under ice in Antarctica!
Her passion is bringing shipwrecks back to life through photography and sharing powerful imagery to tell their powerful stories of tragedy, mystery and survival.
She’ll explain how she captures that feeling in her work and stories that will ignite your imagination.

Becky is a 5 time Emmy -Award winning underwater cameraman and photographer who’s work appears on major networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Red Bull. She specializes in capturing images in extreme underwater environments including caves, under ice and deep shipwrecks. Her projects have taken her all over the world from the Arctic to Antarctic and many exciting locations in between. She’s filmed new wrecks discoveries to cave exploration, science, archeology to diving cage-less with great white sharks. She’s earned a reputation for being able to bring back quality imagery from harsh conditions.

Her biggest passion is shooting haunting images of deep shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. She combines her artistic style with powerful stories of tragedy, mystery and survival to ignite the viewers imagination. She’s constantly pushing the limits and trying new techniques to capture the beauty of the underwater world. In the past year she’s been working on photogrammetry and producing 3D models of shipwrecks to showcase them to divers and non divers. She’s been diving rebreathers to depths of 400ft for 14 years and also uses a sidemount CCR for specific shoots. Many of her projects are in deep and challenging environments where time is short and capturing a single image can take the entire dive.

Becky is a frequent contributor to several Dive Magazines and her photography has been used in books, museums, and advertising. Becky has been actively diving for 26 years and technical diving for 22 of them. She has been an Instructor for 2 decades and is currently an active TDI Mixed Gas Rebreather Instructor. She leads expeditions all over the world to capture unique images that inspire others to explore our planet! www.LiquidProductions.com & www.MegDiver.com