Announcing the SFUPS Gallery Exhibit


Broward County Library, August 3rd through September 30th, 2016

For members who would like to display their images at the Broward County Library Exhibit, here is the information about this process.

The Title of this Gallery is “Colors of the Sea”
We have 5 image categories that you can pick from to submit your favorite prints. They are…

  1. Wide angle shots of large animals or wrecks here in South Florida
  2. Macro shots of tiny critters in South Florida
  3. Photos of coral reefs here in South Florida
  4. Photos from freshwaters of Florida, subjects plants and animals
  5. Photos of divers diving in South Florida interacting with the environment (we want to show our passion for scuba and the underwater ecosystem)

We can have up to 80 images to display so let’s see your work!

Step 1:

Select the image(s) you would like to submit or if your image is at the Nova gallery and you would like us to use this one…please let us know by emailing

Step 2:

Color correct your photo if needed and size it to meet the following resolution requirements:
-For DSLRs, images will be printed (photo size w/o mat) at 240 ppi (4320 pixels in the long direction)
-For Micro 4/3 camera images will be printed (photo size w/o mat) at 240 ppi (3840 pixels in the long direction)

That said, consider black frames with 1-2” white matting for print sizes no greater than 20×30 (DSLR’s) or 21×28 (4/3’s cameras); and no less than 12×16 (4/3’s cameras) and 12×18 (DSLR’s) depending on your camera’s aspect ratio. In other words, suggested sizes should be 16×24/18×27 (DSLR’s) or 18×24 (4/3’s cameras). You can also submit images that are on metal or acrylic as long as they stay in the same sizing as above.

For hanging, please make sure to use a wire in the back. Our display panels will only hold a wire hanging system.

Note: we are willing to accept images on other types of medium (canvas, metal, etc…) but we really want black frames with white matting as the preferred option so the gallery looks uniform.

Step 3:

On the back of your image please include a description:
-Your name as you’d like it to appear
-A short title of your work [or] name of animal
-The location where shot was taken

 John Doe, Silky Shark, Jupiter Florida

Step 4:

The final frame/print image needs to be dropped off…
-at the July SFUPS meeting on July 12, 2016 OR
-at Force-E locations in Pompano, Boca, or Riviera before July 29, please make a note on it ATTN: Nikole for SFUPS
Please send an email to Nikole to let her know where you will be dropping off so she is aware of your image(s).

***It’s very important to complete the above steps BEFORE July 29 in order to participate in the exhibit.


We’re looking forward to this amazing event with all of our very talented members!

For questions, please contact Nikole at