Group Galleries give multiple SFUPS members an opportunity to showcase a specific type of photography they have been working on. This could be a type of photo technique, or a specific animal, or location. Group Galleries may be featured on the SFUPS home page for one month. They can be accessed through the “Group Galleries” page and will remain online as long as the participants are current SFUPS members. 

Group Galleries must contain images from three (3) or more SFUPS members.
Group Galleries must have a specific Theme.


Please submit the following:

  • A photo of the SFUPS members in your group, if available.
  • A short write up about your group topic or theme.
  • Image files. Send between 15 (minimum) and 30 (maximum) images. Image files should be at least 1400 pixels in the long direction in JPEG format. You may email the images, however, please separate into several emails due to the size of the files. You could also use Dropbox and share with
  • If you would like to include captions, send a short description of each image.  The description can be as simple as the subject name, or more detailed to include where the photo was taken, camera information, etc. Please send in a separate Word file (or similar) so it will be easy to copy and paste your captions.


Contact Susan Mears at to submit images or if you have any questions.

NOTE: Your SFUPS membership must be current to keep your galleries online.