1. Produce a short edited video for use on the SFUPS website. Videos should be between 2 and 5 minutes (no longer than 5 minutes please). Videos must be of your work and all music used must be royalty free. No copyrighted music will be allowed. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have complete rights to your video and music used.

2. Open a VIMEO ( account if you don’t already have one and host your videos there. You can open a free account or a PLUS account (highly recommended – see below). Allow embedding of your video and email the link.

3. Send a photo of yourself. Approximately 1000 pixels. This is to be used on your Bio page.

4. A short Bio write-up. Send in an email or Word document that can be copied and pasted.

Note: Your photo and bio only needs to be done once. Additional videos can be added at any time without revising your bio page.

5. Email all of the above – photo, bio, video link(s) – to Susan Mears:


You can start off your SFUPS Video Gallery with just one video. Additional videos can be added at any time. Or, you can start off your Gallery with a bang with multiple videos all at once. The choice is yours.

Just like the still photo galleries, your videos will stay on the SFUPS site and additional videos will be added to what is already existing. NOTE: You must be a current SFUPS member in good standing to keep your galleries online.

NOTE: If you already have a still gallery, you can also add a video gallery, just skip steps 3 and 4.


We feel VIMEO is THE best place to host your video. You may have noticed that most professionals host their video on VIMEO. Your video is just as important!

You can easily set up a FREE Vimeo account. Although you will be able to upload HD video, you cannot embed HD with a free account. Your video will play in standard definition on the SFUPS website.We HIGHLY RECOMMEND upgrading to a “PLUS” account. Yes, a plus account will cost $60 per year. Putting that into perspective, it is only $5 per month or 16 1/2 cents per day.

A “PLUS” account will give you better video encoding, No advertisements, HD embedding, plus a lot more. VIMEO has a super instruction page with tutorials on how to export your video for the best results using just about any video editing software out there. Here is the link


An excellent source for inexpensive royalty free music is Music 2 Hues,
I’m sure an internet search will yield many free and paid royalty free music sources. NOTE: Your video will now be on the world wide web and seen by many people. Please do not use music recorded off an album or radio. You and SFUPS could get in a lot of trouble. It is your responsibility to ensure no copyrights are violated.