We are excited to have award-winning underwater photographer, Wayne MacWilliams at our January 10th meeting to shed some light
on how to take advantage of your strobes and available light to get the best results with your underwater photography.

We hope you will join us at the January 10th meeting for what will most certainly be an informative and fun evening.

How important is illumination in photography and how is the word photography even defined? Well lets see – Ref. Wikipedia: The word photography was created from the Greek roots (phōtos), “light” and (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing,” together meaning “drawing with light.” So, that tells us that lighting is what takes our images to the next level. Whether the lighting is natural or artificial – it requires us to STOP, THINK and CONSIDER different ideas and techniques. I do not profess to be an expert in either, but more than likely I have already made more mistakes than you. So, I will discuss and show how we can use these tools in various situations to be more efficient in our underwater imagery. See you at the meeting and Happy New Year! Wayne

I first snorkeled in the ocean at the ripe old age of 5yrs. old. Started scuba diving (kinda) in my above ground pool at age 12 by sitting on the deep bottom of 4’6” and breathing from a Aqualung 2 hose regulator. Ahh, life was grand.

Fast forward several million bubbles (and what seems like dollars) later, and I now enjoy the challenge of golf … I mean underwater photography.