My name is John Casey and I shoot video!

I am a 30 year career firefighter/paramedic specializing in critical care and Air Rescue. Currently, I am attached to the aviation unit of the Broward Sheriff’s Office to provide airborne law enforcement and medevacs.

Growing up in South Florida, my love of the ocean started at an early age. I had an extremely adventurous childhood with almost complete freedom to explore and discover. Refusing to grow up, my passion is finding and capturing unique animal behaviors. Underwater cinematography has allowed me to document and share the discoveries my wife, Kelly, and I have been fortunate enough to experience. While I’m much better at acquiring new video than editing the existing hoard I am trying to develop a better workflow.

One of the great things about our love of the ocean is the interesting people we meet diving locally or abroad. We are always learning and discovering new things. See you out there diving! John

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