"Marine Conservation and Research with Shark Team One"

Angela Smith, founder of the endangered species conservation and citizen science expedition organization Shark Team One will speak about working with large marine animals and the conservation of endangered species worldwide.

Her program will highlight how photographers, nonprofit organizations, conservationists, students and divers can bring awareness to dwindling shark populations and the issues that face our oceans today. Angela will talk about The Endangered Whale Shark Conservation Program, Shark Team One’s longest running project and what it’s like to work with these gentle giants. Angela’s presentation will also take you to a remote island off the coast of Western Mexico for a photographic essay about endangered great white sharks and to the Bahamas where we will see behind the scenes on a Shark Team One film production about tiger sharks. Shark Team One’s endangered species work also extends to marine mammal research expeditions, so we’ll discuss and view endangered sperm whale families of the Caribbean.

As the NGO Vice-Chair of the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative (SEFCRI), Angela is working to help develop federal and state management strategies to help save coral reefs along the Southeast Florida reef tract and has led Shark Team One to be a member of the Sylvia Earle Alliance spearheading the creation of the Coastal Southeast Florida Hope Spot in conjunction with Mission Blue and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Angela is a researcher supported by the S.E.E. Initiative (Science, Exploration, Education) with National Geographic and partners, is a member of Ocean Artists Society and a writer for The Sylvia Earle Alliance and National Geographic Open Explorer.

Her wildlife documentary films have won accolades at venues such as Blue Ocean Film Festival, Jackson Hole WILD and Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.
Visit Angela’s website at: www.sharkteamone.org