With Hannes Klostermann

At some point, most of us will want to see how our photography holds up against the best in the world.
That’s when you start entering competitions and ask yourself some questions:
Which images do I submit? Which competitions do I enter?
What are my chances of winning? Why did my awesome picture not get recognized?

In my presentation I will provide answers to these questions and more and will give some insight on why certain images are
successful and how to increase your chances of winning a competition. My goal will be to make you rethink your approach to taking
underwater images and to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone which in turn will make you a better and potentially, a more successful photographer.

Hannes is an award-winning underwater photographer and scuba instructor with a particular passion for capturing images of sharks and other big animals, as well as actively supporting their conservation. He is currently the resident photographer at The Cortez Club in La Paz, Mexico where he teaches underwater photography and offers private guiding to other photographers.

Hannes began his underwater adventures in 2003 in a dark and very cold lake in Germany and since then, his travels have taken him to many of the world’s most exiting diving destinations. In recent years he has been successful in several major competitions including Underwater Photographer of the Year and Ocean Geographic’s Pictures of the Year.

Website: www.hk-underwater.com

Social Media (FB/Instagram): @hk.underwater