Oxybenzone, Venom, and DEET by William (Bud) Gillan

Most all of us have had an unfortunate encounter or two with some type of jellyfish, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to listen to a world renowned expert on the topic. Join us on March 14th as we learn amazing facts about the weird world of jellyfish: where they have been found, how to identify them, how to protect yourself and the environment, and more!

We are excited to have Bud Gillan as our guest speaker this month. Bud is an educator & biologist who will amaze you with his knowledge of jellyfish – in particular Box Jellies, their stings, the impact of chemical sunscreens on coral reefs, and finding effective natural insect repellents.

His presentation will be an opportunity to take an adventure with box jellies, examining the science of stings and new antidotes, a trip across the broad spectrum UV wavelengths, and how science created dangerous repellents for insects and how nature has provided alternatives. It will also include the discovery of a new species of jellyfish, Tamoya ohboya, in his work with the Smithsonian Institute and the University of Hawaii Med School.

William (Bud) Gillan is a science guy. He teaches AP and Honors Biology locally and Ocean Ecology at the CIEE Bonaire Research Station. He is a collector and consultant to The Smithsonian Institute. He was a science research manager at IBM for 11 years. As a science student, has studied in the U.S., Switzerland, and The Netherlands. Past and current research includes: box jellies and their stings, the impact of chemical sunscreens on coral reefs, and finding effective, natural insect repellents.

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