Tricks, Tips, and the New Optics you can utilize!

I grew up in New Jersey and became a SCUBA diver in 2006 while I was gearing up to start my own
landscaping business. I first knew I wanted to get more into underwater photography after my first dive trip
to South Florida in March of 2014. It was after that trip I decided I wanted to switch career paths and head
for warmer climates and bluer water. I returned several times and kept diving, taking photos and videos, and
meeting more people who shared the same passion. In 2016 I committed a lot of my free time to interning
and volunteering as a Divemaster candidate at Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania. I was then ready to pack my
bags and head south where I spent most of 2017 working in Curaçao as an underwater photographer. This
is where I was able to really hone my photography skills, diving 15 times a week photographing people and
the underwater marine life.

Upon returning to the US, Florida was in my sights, and a job opportunity came up at Reef Photo & Video as
an equipment specialist in their sales department. The job is uniquely challenging and rewarding in working
with clients to maximize their underwater experience and troubleshooting the challenges that come with it.
This past year I have done a lot more macro photography and been able to use many different types of
underwater systems. I look forward to taking impactful underwater images in the future and to travel more.