On the May 12th Zoom meeting, Ed will share information from his Wheel Of Knowledge “top 10” list of commonly asked questions. He will initially focus on Mirrorless vs Mirrored, Color Balance, the Histogram and Printing stills from vide. If time allows he can cover more topics by request or by spinning the wheel if additional requests are made.

Other topics to choose from include:
Color balance, Mirrorless vs. Mirrored, Digital basics, Histograms,
Printing Stills from video, Bit Depth, Color Spaces, Log, Video

NOTE: You MUST email Lureen at before Tuesday to get the invitation to attend this virtual meeting. You will also need to have your own free Zoom account. Get yours set up prior to joining the meeting.

Ed Meyers is a Canon Professional Market Specialist (AKA tech guy) and photographer with over 25 years of imaging experience. He started his career as a still / catalog photographer in the mid 1980’s and helped transition the industry into the cutting edge of digital capture in the early 1990’s. During the early part of the Millennium, Ed worked as a technical trainer and consultant for a major worldwide retailer.

Since 2008, he has been with Canon, USA, which him placed on the forefront of the newly emerging digital Cinema – DSLR motion / video industry. He continues to train, consult, and lecture those in the imaging market ranging from students and independent studios, to current TV broadcasts, as well as major motion pictures.

In addition, as an experienced SCUBA diver, Ed enjoys capturing underwater images during his dives around the US and Caribbean. Join him as he presents his images and experiences, along with with the latest in Canon technology.