The monthly newsletter is published by the weekend preceding the upcoming meeting therefore submissions need to be received in the proper format no later than the 25th of the previous month. All Newsletter submissions should be emailed to the Newsletter Editor, Dean Pasko at

All images are preferred to be scanned at 300 dpi as a 4” x 6” image and emailed as a jpg. Images must be your own; copyright infringement is against the law. Images may be copied from websites for the purpose of education only – and even that’s a little iffy. If a copyright is indicated on the page, do not copy it. Permission to use should be obtained and turned in with the image if the image is to be used in conjunction with an article. However, images copied from sites, such as cameras or programs, for the purpose of educating a group should be permissible. Websites images are in 72 dpi, not 300 and small images cannot be enlarged from 72 dpi, therefore submit a large image rather than a small image.

All stories are requested to be created in Microsoft Word. If another format is all you have, save as “text” before submitting. If the editor is unable to open the document, you may need to copy and paste it into an email.

A pictorial image with a short essay (less than100 words). May coincide with the Presentation. Please include the subject’s name, location, camera equipment used, and film/digital information

are requested to supply a short bio, with a personal photo and 1-2 images. A brief description of your presentation is an excellent way to liven up the excitement prior to your presentation. If your schedule is too busy, please provide access and permission to copy information from your website to the Newsletter.

a pictorial image with a short essay (1-2 sentences). Please include the subject’s name, location, camera equipment used, and film/digital information

roughly 750 – 1500 words more or less; a little longer is fine, sometimes we just have a lot that needs to be told. Please submit with 3-4 of your favorite images. Presentations themselves can be in any format you choose. I deas for presentations need to be approved or invited to present by the SFUPS Board of Directors

roughly 500 – 1500 words more or less. This is a forum for members to share a place that we’ve been to, or enjoyed, without doing a presentation. It can also be simply one particular dive site that you fell in love with or where you witnessed cool marine behavior. It is requested that you include the hotel that you stayed at, dive boat or operation, approximate cost, airline taken, etc. Helpful information so that anyone reading your article will know how you got there and its highlights. Local sites may also be a focus. We need info on easy beach dives! Please include 4 images; not all may be used.

500 -1000 words. A short narrative on “how to” use an imaging program or share a portfolio output method. Or perhaps an article on over/under photography or motion capture, as an example. The purpose of this forum is to help us share our progress and discoveries of neat stuff. 2 images max.

Classified ads are free to SFUPS members as space allows. Also may be used to list items wanted! Maximum term in the newsletter is 2 months.