With Robert Stansfield

“Deep, dark and spooky!” Award-winning photographer Robert Stansfield will be talking about his work pioneering macro and blackwater photography in Cozumel, Mexico, where he has established the first blackwater dive operation.

Robert Stansfield is a published and multi-award winning photographer. He is currently the owner of Blackwater Cozumel, Mexico’s first blackwater dive operation. As such, he organizes many macro workshops on Cozumel. Robert is an ambassador for the Marelux and Kraken brands and has been a diver since 2000. He is a TDI Cave Diver and an SSI/PADI instructor. Before becoming totally dedicated to diving and underwater photography, Robert worked as a touring video engineer for live events, including with big recording artists in rock and roll music. He also used his video engineering skills during the Olympics and FIFA World Cups.

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