With Jack Israel

Using a multitude of examples, I will synthesize much of the advice I have received over the years from
underwater photography experts on how to shoot better pictures, both wide angle and macro.

We’ll talk about sage wisdom from nudibranch expert Yury Ivanov (Tulamben),
three ways to create competition-worthy photos from Tim Ho (Anilao Photo Academy),
some tips from Ken Thongpila (Underwater Macro Photographers), and a few thoughts of my own.

I was certified as an OW diver in 1993 and knew where I was going after retiring from the FBI—Florida! I started taking pictures with compact cameras in 2000, but did not get serious about underwater photography until 2015 about the same time I became a scuba diving instructor.

I bought a DSLR from a friend in Russia and have traveled all over the world shooting, and I have replaced my cameras and housings 3 times! It’s an addiction and, God willing, I’ll hit the trail again as soon as it is safe to travel.

I have won or placed in categories of 7 international contests, and I always shoot as if I’ll be entering that picture in a contest even though 99.95 percent aren’t good enough.

Mini Speaker Presentation: COVID-19 UPDATE

With Dr. Gary Rose

Dr. Gary Rose, a SFUPS member, will give a follow-up talk to our previous COVID-19 discussion.
He will talk about the current status of the different vaccines, how they work, how they will affect you,
and what the future may hold. .

Gary Rose MD has been a certified diver for over 45 years and is a PADI Open Water Instructor. As a Plastic Surgeon and Associate Professor of Microbiology and Surgery at the College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, he has fulfilled his life passion as a marine biologist with his research on marine microorganisms, as well as large ocean apex predators.

Dr. Rose lectures all over the world in an interactive and entertaining style. His years of experience are evident in the many stories and anecdotes he relates. Dr. Rose is a member of the Divers Alert Network and The Undersea And Hyperbaric Medical Society. You can find him on weekends diving our local waters and photographing our plentiful and diverse sharks.