I started snorkeling at an early age in the crystal-clear waters northeast of Havana. I never tired of the beauty of the reefs and marine life.

I had read Jacques Cousteau and dreamed of joining the crew of the Calypso. When I started diving in the early 60s and discovered the ecstasy of weightlessness, I was hooked forever. Diving became my best medicine.

In the late 80s, I bought a Nikonos III and substituted spearfishing with underwater photography, vowing not to kill any more sentient beings.

When I joined SFUPS long ago, I started to learn a great deal from other members and presenters at the monthly meetings. After switching to a DSLR rig, there was a quantum leap in my results. I was pleased to win digital photographer of the year in 2007.

Currently, I use mostly Canon cameras and lenses, Ikelite housings, and DS 160 and DS50 strobes. My main set-up includes a full frame mirrorless camera (EOS RP), 15 mm fisheye, 100 mm macro, and 28-105 mm.