I am actually a very recent underwater photographer with purchasing my first Olympus TG3 point and shoot camera and housing in the fall of 2014 while working at Pura Vida Divers in Palm Beach, FL. I love macro. My favorite is to zoom in and find the tiniest creatures which thrive, eat, and find a mate in such an enormous world (we thought it was big for us!). Eventually, I got my first DSLR in December of 2016 and that was pretty much the best purchase I have made! I was able to get a Nikon D300 and Aquatica housing after borrowing a friends and it changed everything. I have recently started dappling in wide angle photography as well as videography as I now live on a 38 ft Island Packet sailboat traveling throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, on my way to the Pacific Ocean. I still have my Nikon D300 and Aquatica housing but have also upgraded to the Olympus TG5 point and shoot for videos as well as quick photos when I can’t lug the DSLR around on the dinghy.

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