I recently moved here from Minnesota so that I could enjoy the sunshine and wonderful diving year round.

Diving and all the wonderful creatures of the ocean always intrigued me but a fear of drowning and not being able to swim prevented me from diving until about 10 years ago. I finally decided to face my fear, learn to swim and get my dive certification. Once I started diving, I was truly hooked and still can’t wait to explore the next dive location and critters. While I lived in Minnesota I traveled the Caribbean and Pacific for diving, but since moving here my favorite spot is the Blue Heron Bridge. I can’t wait to explore all the diving along the Florida coast as well as the Keys; it is so nice to not have a long plane ride to go diving.

I initially started taking pictures with a Cannon point and shot G series cameras, eventually tried a Olympus EPM1 – loved the results, moved my way through some of the OMDs and now use the Olympus EM-1 II, Nauticam housing and Inon Z240 strobes. I do all my post-process in Adobe Lightroom.