As a Florida native, I have been living alongside and in the ocean since I was a child. I grew up with a passion for wildlife, declaring that I would be a dolphin trainer at age 5. That did not pan out, but proximity to nature has been a factor in all my education and job choices. I achieved a degree in environmental science and have been involved in a variety of marine research including some with Mote Marine Laboratory’s Center for Shark Research and, more recently, with Marine Megafauna Foundation’s Florida Manta Project. Professionally, I have worked around the world as a scuba instructor, commercial fisherman, and boat captain. In 2019 I finished my circumnavigation as captain aboard the school ship S/Y Argo, operated by SeaMester.

I began taking photography seriously back in 2011 while teaching diving in Australia. My work was limited to topside photography for some years as I was afraid of the expenses associated with underwater camera systems. In 2016 I purchased my first housing, an Ikelite, for my Canon Rebel SL1. I am still happily shooting this set up as I learn the ins and outs of underwater photography. I have added Inon Z-240 strobes and use a Tokina 10-17 fisheye for wide angle and a Canon 60mm for macro.

I try to capture subjects that have interesting stories as well as the beauty of the natural world. I have paired my images with original writing for publications including Florida Environmental Outreach. I hope that my photography can facilitate conservation as well as a deeper appreciation of the natural world.