As with many of you, my first encounter with the underwater world was with “Sea Hunt” and Mike Nelson at the helm of the Argonaut, but the show that hooked me as a young 12 year old boy was “Flipper” with Sandy and all their adventures, I was captivated with that underwater world.

Living in Miami our Florida Keys was my backyard and I made good use of it, with snorkeling and fishing from Key Largo to Key West to visiting the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson with the Boy Scouts in those early teen years.

However, twenty years would pass from my first snorkeling adventure, until I was officially certified as a SCUBA diver in my early thirties and had obtained my first underwater camera, in the form of a used Nikonos, which I still have. That film era eventually gave way to that first digital camera which brought me into the new visual realm of underwater photography, by immediately being able to see a picture, make on the spot adjustments and turn it into a photograph.

That new visual thinking process started approximately 10 years ago with my first visit to an SFUPS meeting, and ever since I’ve been learning from all you members, who have inspired me to reach out, inquire and challenge myself to learn more each and every day.

I am looking forward to continue the learning process and the sharing of photos, ideas, travels and dive encounters with all of you.