Originally from Niagara Falls, NY I did not grow up near the ocean where scuba diving was prevalent. As a matter fact, having almost drowned when I was very young lead to a fear of water. I decided to become certified in scuba diving to overcome that fear in 2012. Not long thereafter, I started shooting underwater videos with a GoPro. Not only was I fascinated by the underwater world, my friends on social media also shared my enthusiasm viewing the content I posted. Since moving here to South Florida in 2003, I’ve developed great interest in coral preservation, keeping the oceans clean, and documenting the underwater world to increase peoples‘ awareness of this beautiful, yet fragile, ecosystem.

Fast forward to October, 2020, when I decided to upgrade my GoPro camera to an Olympus TG6. Of course, the very next step was to outfit it with all bells and whistles: strobes, video lights, and a snoot. I currently shoot with an Olympus EPL-10 with a 60mm macro lens and Nauticam CMC-1 diopter. Hanging out with a group of skilled underwater photography friends, has led to frequent and friendly photography competitions. My current area of interest is supermacro photography and videography. Of particular interest, is the use of a snoot and specialty lighting.

My passion in underwater photography has allowed me to shorten the learning curve, and accelerate my techniques. Additionally, joining the SFUPS has been a great way to compare my skills with those of my peers, and also further improve my shooting techniques. There is nothing more motivating than looking at an incredibly beautiful underwater photograph, and then try to figure out how to accomplish it yourself. Later this year, I plan to upgrade to a mirrorless camera and continue on the lifelong journey of learning underwater photography and preserving the oceans. To me, I find it incredibly challenging, yet immensely gratifying and enjoyable.