I started underwater photography about 12 years ago with a point-and-shoot camera that my wife brought to our marriage. After trying my luck and being very frustrated, I decided to move “up” to a Canon G10. Eventually, one strobe, then two, then a focus light. My pictures were starting to take shape as I practiced and took lessons from the pros. I got my first mirrorless (Sony NEX5) and was in heaven. During a DEMA I was exposed to the Panasonic GH4 and jumped on that. After a couple years (and at another DEMA) Reef Photo reps roped me into the NIKON D850 that I currently shoot. I use a 105mm for macro (with an SMC) and a 16-35mm lens for wide angle. I recently purchased a Wide Angle Conversion Port and enjoy the new challenge.

We are blessed to be able to travel a lot and have been to many beautiful dive spots with incredible creatures all over the world. Our favorite spots are in Indonesia, the Philippines and Micronesia. I’m always impressed with the photographers in the SFUPS and strive to learn constantly from their expertise.