There is always something new. Since starting my love of diving in the cold water of Boston with week long trips to various popular dive locations I moved to Florida & a whole new world opened up. I now can dive any day I want all year long & I am only 5 minutes from the ocean.

I first started with point & shoot film measuring what I would take which of course wasn’t a lot. It wasn’t until I met & was accepted into the Mucksters group that I became addicted to macro photography. You can now find me most at Blue Heron Bridge driving 50mins to get there. I love the ocean- watching it, being on it & most of all under it which I do for 3hrs at a time at BHB (can you say 10 feet?). My first attempts at macro were with the Olympus SP350 & then I moved to the Sony NEX 5. My newest system is the D7000. I have a great group of dive buddies who inspire me with their photos & who I depend on for advice. I will need them more with my SLR & now that I asked in writing how can they refuse? I love taking photos of all critters large and small but especially nudibranchs, seahorses & turtles. I do not like fireworms & have refused all intervention from my friends to not smack them with my muck stick when they try to photobomb my subject and the same goes for sandperch & slippery dicks.