Gabriel is a Pompano Beach based Scientist, Freediver, and what fishermen call “Sharkhugger”. After overcoming a debilitating fear of dolphins and falling for lots of product placement shots on sharkweek, Gabriel started using a gopro to capture images of sharks, freedivers, and models dressed up as mermaids “for the gram”.

Gabriel found that taking macro images of tiny critters to be quite difficult while freediving and reluctantly acquired a set of scuba gear. Not soon after, the charm and personality of the blennies on his backyard reef took its toll, and Gabriel started a never-ending quest to “get good” at sharing their cute little faces with the world, along with their other tiny undersea neighbors.

2017 PADI #4Conservation 1st place Award Winner and #NATGEOyourshot featured. Gabriel shares his images primarily on social media under the handle @sharkhottub