I dreamed of diving underwater when I was still a boy, but really this opportunity did not appear right away.

I started diving in 1999, and immediately I got carried away with underwater photography. I never took pictures under the water on a film camera. My first camera was digital Olympus C-4040 (really, very nice camera) in a transparent PT-010 housing. Then there was a Nikon D70 in the Subal housing and I have continued to shoot with a Nikon D300 in a Subal housing. The lenses that I use are the Micro-Nikkor 105, Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm, Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm and Tokina 10-17mm, but my favorite is the Micro-Nikkor 60 mm.

What attracts me to underwater photography? The answer may seem strange, but for me, probably, not so much the results. I am attracted to the process of underwater shooting. Finding a subject for shooting, looking for a foreshortening, trying to make friends with it – that’s what I like