Photography has been a hobby of mine since about 1978. However, I did not learn to scuba dive until 1994, and then it took me quite a few years to get comfortable with the idea of carrying a camera while diving. I started with a Sealife DC500 to get snapshots of things I found underwater. I upgraded cameras as Sealife came out with new models. I also added strobes and video lights. I now carry a Sealife DC2000 with two strobes and a video light. I mostly use the video light as a big flashlight to spot things under ledges so I can take a picture. I also carry a Sealife macro lens and a Sealife wide angle lens, both of which snap on the front of the underwater housing.

I have noticed that the quality of my pictures has improved both with practice and the quality of the camera I am using. The DC2000 is an improvement over previous models, and adding multiple lights and accessories has given me more options for getting good pictures. I like being able to switch from wide angle to macro and back to standard all during one dive. I also like that I can pack my camera and my wife’s camera in one backpack that goes under the seat in front of me for plane trips. My wife has recently started using a Sealife Micro 2.0, probably for something to do because I am busy taking pictures on every dive. She took the picture I am using on this bio page.

I retired in January of 2019 and started thinking about what I should do with my pictures. I know I am not creating great art, but I thought some of the pictures might be fun on t-shirts. Therefore, I have signed up to sell t-shirts on Amazon under the brand name MareVitaDesigns. You can see what is available by searching Amazon for MareVitaDesigns, or go to This just started, so there are only a few designs available. Amazon will let me add more designs as t-shirts start selling.