I learned to dive up North, but my Diving Life began when I moved to Boca in the mid-1980’s. In these early diving days, it was film for me.

In around 2010, whatever year Canon came out with the 5D Mark II, I bit the bullet and converted from film to digital. The first year was wonderful, in that being able to shoot 400 images instead of 36 images was a dream I’d never before imagined, but this first year was also the “Year of Learning LightRoom”, and I will say that Dan had to drag me screaming and kicking many times, back into learning the key skills in this – so many things that before were done by dark-room technicians, and not by photographers like me. It was a painful learning curve, but suddenly in the 2nd or 3rd year, the magic of Lightroom and Photoshop began to make sense to me, and while I’ll never write a book on how to use Adobe Photo programs, both Lightroom and Photoshop have become as basic to me now, as using the Light Meter once was for my Nikonos.

I have always loved both Wide Angle and Macro, even though love for one is always fighting with the other. I love the Blue Heron Bridge, I love the seascapes of the reefs of Palm Beach County, and I love the people that I get dive with , and commune with often on Facebook.

On Facebook posting, I try my best to tell stories with my images, which means in addition to my pictures, there is usually some kind of story that makes the image important to me – and I hope to my friends as well.

I’m about to enter a new chapter in my Underwater Photography – I have been waiting for the next big jump in digital technology from my Canon 5D Mark II, the next world changing move. I think it is the new Canon R5 mirrorless , with nice improvements in the UW housing, and a dramatic improvement over my old Inon strobes in wide-angle dispersion, with the new Retra strobes. Sometime in the next month or so this will happen, and my Facebook friends will be hearing all about it. 😊 ( big smile emoji )