I began taking pictures underwater with a Nikonos V and an array of close up framers. I progressed to several housed film SLR’s and then on to digital. My current underwater photography system is a Canon 7D II, Nauticam Housing, and dual Inon Z240 strobes. My favorite lenses are the Canon 100mm macro and the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye.

I enjoy shooting locally in the waters off South Florida and more exotic locations in the Caribbean and Pacific. Some of the places I have traveled to are the Bahamas, Dominica, St. Vincent, Papua New Guinea, Lembeh Straits, Komodo, Fiji, the Philippines and Ambon, Indonesia.  My current obsession is Blackwater Diving. Drifting offshore at night, photographing larval fish and planktonic creatures. My Blackwater photos can be found on my personal website.

I use Adobe Lightroom to process my digital images and create the galleries you see on this web site. To see more of my photography both topside and underwater you can visit my personal website: