Walt’s endeavor in the ocean realm is anything but ordinary. A photojournalist first, Walt’s career providing imagery and editorials for publications such as Skin Diver, Sport Diver, Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing and Boating Magazine, goes as far back as three decades.

In addition to his photographic talents, using his knowledge and degree in zoology, Walt has accumulated vast experience in marine sciences and natural history, and oceanographic research and conservation. His endeavors also include various aspects of technical diving, which include both cave and rebreather diving. He is also a TDI certified CCR instructor.

Not to be limited to printed media, Walt has been a key participant in documentary film projects with Wild Horizons ltd., British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and the Discovery Channel.

“When it comes to underwater photography, my personal favorite is going for the big picture – be it a reef seascape, wreck, or one of the many larger forms of animal life in the ocean. To me, the ultimate reward is to evoke a personal connection with the viewer on a visceral level where they envision themselves as participants in the adventure. From my experiences as a contributing editor for Skin Diver and Sport Diver magazines, I have learned that people find people interesting, which is why I will often times add a diver or two to complement the scene.” – Walt Stearns

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