I was in Bora Bora about twelve years ago on one of those cruises that offer so many activities on board and I decided to do something completely out of my character. Considering that I didn’t even know how to swim, I took one of those diving classes in the pool area and surprisingly, I passed the test. And just like that…I found happiness when I saw myself diving in open water the following day! My life has changed completely since then.

In November of 2012, I was diving with friends here in Florida when suddenly a big Whale Shark showed up right in front of us! It was such an amazing experience. But, I was really upset for not being able to capture any pictures of such a friendly gentle giant. So…the following week, I started searching for a camera that fits all my demands and gives me the pleasure of capturing nice images while I’m diving around the world. It was a very difficult decision! It took me several months to decide. There are so many options these days. Finally I made up my mind and chose the Nikon D7100. My favorite lenses are Tokina 10-17 mm and 105 mm Nikkor macro.

Often people ask me what I prefer, wide angle or macro? I could never find the right answer. I find beauty in both worlds! I think what makes me more excited is the one that offers more challenges and greater effect. Some people say macro is easier than wide angle but I started to have my doubts about that when I tried to capture a very fast and small fish (Fairy Basslet) for the first time with my 105 mm lens. I loved it!! However, lately I’ve been focusing on wide angle because my trips this year are to areas with lots of pelagic life.

I developed this passion not only to preserve beautiful memories but to share them with my family, friends, and patients. I recently discovered printing on aluminum and now have some of my work all over my office…I cannot call it “My Office” anymore! Now it’s my happy place!