With Pro Underwater Videographer MEGAN GRIFFIN

Sit down with pro underwater videographer and editor Meg Griffin, as she edits a video from a dive taken here in Southeast Florida.
Watch her process and technique as she works through the interface of Adobe Premiere pro.
See what it takes to create a one minute edit while learning tips and tricks to making your videos look professional along the way.

Meg Griffin is a professionally trained underwater videographer, corporate video producer, and editor with over 10 years of experience in video production. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television Production from the University of Florida, she has taken the skills acquired in school all over the world and eventually back to her home state of Florida.

Meg has always had a love for teaching people about the unique world of underwater photography through the written word and new media. She continues to dedicate her life to mastering the art of video production and enjoys helping others, both ocean, and land-loving, with their digital media needs.