With Justin Lutsky

Learn about upcoming opportunities for underwater photographers to travel, dive, and shoot with models,
mermaids, and an experienced crew in some of the most gorgeous aquatic environments imaginable.
We’ll discuss our past success creating unique underwater photography experiences for models and how we’re
looking to include enthusiastic photographers and underwater photography education on all of our upcoming adventures.

‘Submerge Underwater’ is a collective of underwater imaging enthusiasts started by underwater photographer Justin Lutsky and Abbey the Everyday Mermaid. Together, they produce custom underwater modeling and imaging experiences offered in a variety of aquatic environments. From themed studio pool sets to the clear and calm waters of the Florida Springs, and from the islands of the Caribbean to the jungles of Southeast Asia, they guide guests on unique submersive photography adventures.

Justin Lutsky is an accomplished filmmaker, published photographer, and a seasoned dive professional with a passion and expertise in underwater production. His experience ranges from underwater portrait photography to open water documentaries, confined water narrative work, features, commercials, music videos, short films and behind-the-scenes imagery and safety diving for the film and entertainment industry. As a filmmaker, having directed numerous projects as well, he also has a strong understanding of both the creative aspects of storytelling and the technical logistics of film production, especially those involving significant underwater work.

Justin currently resides in Southern California and travels world-wide for creative endeavors. From studio tanks to olympic pools, oceans, water filled caverns and even underneath frozen seas, with each new project he strives to bring a “larger-than-life”, cinematic experience to audiences everywhere and strongly believe that collaboration is key to any successful creative endeavor.