Although first certified in 1978, I did not get into underwater photography until around 1990. I began taking still underwater pictures with a Nikonos V and an array of close up framers. My wife was also taking stills and we kept trying to compare who took the best picture. I shortly realized that I could never be as good as her, so I decided to take up underwater video. I was already doing video on land so it was an easy switch for me. 

I started out using a Sony TRV-900, 3 CCD Standard Definition Tape format camcorder. I then moved up to a Sony HC3, Hi Definition tape format camcorder. I am currently using a Canon HF S10, Hi Definition, SD card format camcorder. I have always used Lite & Motion video housings with an external monitor. I use two Sola 2000 watt video lights with a Fixled 1000 watt Fish Eye Light in the center to get a good overall lighting of my macro subjects. I also use 2 Fix Aquavolt 7000 watt video lights whenever I try and take some wide angle video.

I normally focus on underwater macro and have designed my own custom underwater tripod which does a great job. I love capturing the action and interaction of my subjects via the video format.

I enjoy shooting locally in the waters off South Florida and more exotic locations in the Caribbean and Pacific. 
I use Adobe Premier Pro 6 to process my video clips and create the galleries you see on this web site, Face book and You Tube. To see more of my videos both topside and underwater you can visit my personal website: www.mearsphoto.com.