Hornberger, Eleanor

SFUPS 2023 HOLIDAY PARTY AND AWARDS CEREMONYINCLUDING THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE 2023 SFUPS PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR Save the date and join us on December 19th, 2023 Join us in honoring South ... Read More
November 10, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
2023 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR GRAND PRIZE We are excited to announce that thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, CoCo View Resort, we are able to award ... Read More
January 6, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
2023 MASTER OF THE YEAR GRAND PRIZEWe could not be more excited and grateful to our sponsors, All Star Liveaboards, to announce that the winner of the 2023 Masters contest ... Read More
March 15, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
2023 VIDEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR GRAND PRIZEOur incredible new sponsor, All Star Liveaboards, has made it possible to award our Videographer of the Year a fantastic prize this year – ... Read More
March 10, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
  SFUPS sponsor Force-E is making the following special offer to SFUPS members: • Two free Air fills • Two free Nitrox fills • $10 off in-store purchase • All the above offers must be ... Read More
January 28, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
UNLIMITED USE CHARTER DISCOUNTS SFUPS members receive a $10 discount off of dive charters booked with Kyalami Scuba Club and Kyalami Charters. There is no limit to the number ... Read More
NOVEMBER 14TH 2023 - VIRTUAL MEETING VIA ZOOMWITH BYRON CONROY - CREATIVE TECHNIQUES FOR MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY Meeting starts at 6.45pm. You must have created a Zoom account and be logged ... Read More
October 18, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
OCTOBER 10TH 2023, 6.45PM: IN-PERSON MEETING ONLYGARY ROSE - WIDE ANGLE SHARK PHOTOGRAPHY: NOT JUST ANOTHER PORTRAITOften, when I look at shark photography on social media, in magazines, or at ... Read More
September 20, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
SEPTEMBER 12TH 2023 - VIRTUAL MEETING VIA ZOOMWITH EDWAR HERRENO - COCOS ISLANDMeeting starts at 6.45pm. You must have created a Zoom account and be logged in to join the ... Read More
August 23, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor
AUGUST 8TH 2023, 6.45PM: IN-PERSON MEETING ONLYWITH LINDA IANNIELLO - BLACKWATER DIVINGDive into the mesmerizing world of blackwater photography with photographer, researcher, and blackwater expert Linda Ianniello. Learn about the ... Read More
July 13, 2023Hornberger, Eleanor